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Carltan Languages is pleased to provide International Corporations, Employees and Expatriate assignees with tailor-made Language Training. Training is available in the home or office, and is scheduled according to the student's availability. Our dynamic and patient approach accommodates a variety of learning styles and instructional techniques, and focuses on building speaking confidence in the target language.
Whichever course format you choose, we work together to build your programme. We expect you to tell us about your language ambitions, e.g. what you want to learn, how you’re going to use it, what situations you expect to find yourself in and what level you need to attain. We then plan all the linguistic components that take account of your current level, your learning patterns and desired course content. As we’re all implicated in the design of your programme, we’re all motivated to see that it works.


If you are employed in France on a local basis whether you are French or not,
on the 5th of May 2004 the French Government made continuous training available and mandatory for all employees in France.
The French Continuous Training scheme known as the DIF (Droit Individuel à la Formation/Individual Right to Training) encourages all employees on a local permanent contract ( CDI) who have been at least one year with their company and all employees on a local short term contract who have worked at least 4 months to benefit from 20 hours of training which can be cumulated over a period of 5 years with a total of 120 hours of sponsored Continuous Training.
This is a unique and extraordinary National Law available to all professionals encouraging the acquisition and the learning of new competences during one’s professional life.
Carltan Languages is an Accredited Formation Continue organization and all our Language training programmes are eligible for the DIF scheme.
If you are eligible for the Continuous Language Training scheme , your course will be sponsored by the National French Training Taxes institution to which your company pays its training tax every year.
The law stipulates that the employee must ask and choose himself his Language programme and his organization.
All you need to do is to contact us and inform your Human Resources Department with a letter available on our web site that you wish to benefit from your DIF .( it is requested to mention the name and address of Carltan Languages , the Language you wish to study, the dates of the Training, the number of hours, and the training fees).

A variety of approaches and methodologies are used by CARLTAN language trainers, depending on the learning style of the individual or group. As a general rule, we tend to teach using fairly eclectic methodologies, drawing from the best practice available. As a default approach, we will tend to focus on building speaking and listening skills and vocabulary development, through active, hands-on and communicative teaching

Together with your teacher, you are given the flexibility to identify and evaluate your language goals, while focusing on specific areas of interest. This flexibility allows you to effectively engage in your own language training style with the subject matter of most importance, resulting in the successful acquisition of language proficiency that is so vital in today's global market.
Our instructors have native proficiency in the target language.
Our Instructors have considerable language teaching or private tutoring experience.
Our instructors have a college level degree in the target language or an equivalent education.
Our instructors have professional references and a love for the Language they are teaching.


Training and Evaluation
Language Trainers are evaluated by their students on their preparation, professionalism and effectiveness in teaching throughout their Programme.
Language Trainers are evaluated regularly by our language training department Team

Training Programs
Carltan languages offers training in a variety of Foreign Languages. Carltan Languages designs each Foreign Language program to meet your individual learning objectives.
French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian and many more

We design each FRENCH as a Second Language (FLE) programme to meet your individual learning objectives . You come to us with varying levels of FRENCH proficiency and we customize programmes and offer flexible schedule.

100 hour programmes (Standard for Beginners) [ More details ]
For beginning students with limited or no established proficiency in the target language, CARLTAN LANGUAGES recommends at least 100 hours of language training to be completed within 12 months.
This is a common format if you are away on business, and you can combine, for example, language training in the morning, with real work commitments in the afternoon. As an extra bonus, you can have your trainer to come along to a real business meeting/trade fair/presentation so they actually see you “performing” in your target language. This is about as real as it is possible to make your training programme, so you can imagine it’s quite exciting for us. You’ll then receive feedback during the next lesson, and you can work together on problem areas.
Semi-intensive programmes are also often requested when juggling is required between improving language skills and looking after children or running a business.

One-to-One Weekly / Bi-Weekly Programmes (20/30/50/hour programmes)
For students with some level of established proficiency in the target language, Carltan Languages recommends at least 20 hours of language training to be completed within.1 month

30/60 hour Programmes
The same individual approach, but this time training takes on more of a coaching role the more you spread out your sessions. The minimum is once per week for at least 2 hours. This makes the lesson worthwhile, but gives you plenty of time to really work autonomously between sessions. This is the secret to successful and rapid progress and best value, but requires you to knuckle down and adhere to the times you set aside for self study! In this format, your trainer will spend some time each session going through the work you’ve been preparing, but there will still be plenty of time to push forward and cover new ground.

Two-to One Programmes
As with one-to-one programmes, you are free to schedule the hours as you wish – intensively or spread over a number of weeks or months.
When two people are sharing the same trainer, it’s most important that both trainees share the same or very similar level in the language. This applies to work colleagues, couples and children alike. It’s also vital that both parties agree on course content – it might be useful to discuss this fully and even sketch out the subjects you’d like to cover, so you both feel the course is beneficial. Provided you have these united objectives, two-to-one courses work out to be much more cost effective too.

One-to-one intensive programmes
Not just for the busy executive, intensive one-to-one programmes simply give you the utmost flexibility in terms of your needs and availability. If you opt to take your programme intensively, we’ll be able to recommend an ideal maximum for your level, and suggest ways of varying content to maintain efficiency. We sometimes use two trainers to provide variety, overlapping the two trainers over lunch to simulate a business meeting or similar small group encounter.

Spouse or Parner programme
Our programmes are appropriate for the trailing Spouse or Partner. The international assignee or working spouse/partner may need to focus more on business language; whereas a training curriculum for a non-working trailing spouse/partner learning French in France may be customized with a concentration on day-to-day life, in order to help in the assimilation process.


Our Immersion programmes incorporate the fundamental elements necessary for you to begin speaking in the target language quickly, without investing a lot of time away from the home or office.


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